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How many times has this happened to you? You bought an item online; it comes in a box, wrapped in plastic. Inside the box is filled with either plastic bubble wrap or Styrofoam packing peanuts. The item is wrapped in a plastic bag, in a box of plastic, and has plastic and cardboard in the packaging that in the actual item.

When you are doing opening your item, you have a mountain of waste that is earmarked for the bin and then the landfill. What a waste! However, there are ways that you can start reducing the number of plastics in your life while not giving up on anything.

The first two ways to reduce plastic waste in your life, you’re probably already doing. Most people have reusable shopping bags and water bottles these days. Not collecting plastic backs from the supermarket and disposable water bottles help save tonnes of space that would traditionally be taken up at the landfill.

Some of the other methods of reducing plastic usage might seem a little silly at first but will save you money, time, and the environment along the way. If you are one of those people that can go to a restaurant and not eat the entire meal no matter how full you are, I commend you. However, instead of getting those leftovers to go in a plastic container, bring your own from home. 

Need one a little less strange? Ok, this one is tasty. The next time your sweet tooth craves delicious ice cream, get it in a cone instead of a disposable cup. I think the cone is the best part, but even if you don’t eat the cone; it’ll biodegrade in days instead of the years the cup would take.

Living plastic-free is a vast topic, and the above just grazed the surface. There is so much that you can do to help reduce the needs of plastics in your life. It makes sense to do it.

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Grooms of The Stool

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