Hemorrhoid Wipes with Witch Hazel and Other Natural Extracts | Calming and Soothing Biodegradable Flushable Wipes with 99.9% Pure Water | Also Suitable for IBS & Itchy Bums

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Flushable Hemorrhoid Wet Wipes (6 packs)

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  • Each pack of Uranus Wiper wipes for piles contains 40 wet wipes
  • Gentle wipes with emollient ingredients for everyday cleansing
  • Reduces itching and helps prevent further irritation
  • Soothes, cools and comforts
  • Pre-moistened with beneficial botanical extracts
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Our biodegradable soothing and cleansing premoistened wipes are infused with a gentle combination of emollient, soothing, hydrating, and cooling botanical extracts that don't affect beneficial skin flora. They make you feel good outside and inside (but don’t eat them, we mean emotionally)! With more active ingredients than Preparation H wipes and Anusol wipes, we are literally the best bum wipes for protecting below your Equator from assteroids.


Our wipes have no sugar, gluten, or added salt, but again DON’T EAT THEM! Seriously speaking, it’s not just about what’s in our wipes, but also what’s not in them. We poo-poo questionable ingredients or formulas that may mess with Earth or Uranus such as microplastics, animal by products, fragrance, nanomaterials, parabens, phthalates, triclosan, SLS / SLES, phenoxyethanol, propylene glycol and propylparaben used by renowned piles treatment brands.


If you are dealing with piles, Pruritus ani (itchy bottom), IBS, anal fissure, then you will love our soothing and healing biodegradable wipes which calm itching, burning and flare-ups while balancing the pH of your most sensitive areas. Our flushable toilet wipes can also be used for external vaginal care and as postpartum moist compress or as part of a sitz bath routine. They are the great all-rounder for all around your great area.


Our clinically formulated hypoallergenic wipes calm irritation and provide a feeling of freshness and comfort. A tingly sensation might be felt during use but it’s this tingle that lets you know our ingredients have got you covered! Our plastic free, plant based fiber wipes are certified as flushable in accordance with INDA/EDANA industry leading guidelines. Though flushable, we encourage responsible disposal. No need to clog up the pipes after unclogging yours.


Open outer label. Scrunch or fold, (depending on your origami craft preference) and cleanse the area by gently wiping, patting, or blotting. Avoid rubbing too much as this can irritate the skin and hemorrhoids. Anything considered “scrubbing” is right out! Use as required throughout the day and reseal after every use to keep the wipes moist. Can also be used before using piles cream, or hemorrhoid suppositories or other piles treatment or IBS treatment.

Formulated with Natural Beneficial Ingredients

Each wipe is infused with natural, botanical plant-based ingredients like Witch Hazel, Agrimony Plant Extract (agrimonia pilosa), Cynanchum Atratum Plant Extract and Male Fern Root Extract(dryopteris filix max ) which diminish itchiness and irritation associated with hemorrhoid flare ups.

Witch hazel and other natural ingredients for hemorrhoid wipes in test tubes
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Ingredients and Composition
Soft wood pulp wipes, Reverse osmosis pure water, Ethylhexylglycerin, Witch Hazel Extract ( virginnia haemmelis), Cynanchum Atratum Extract(Apocynaceae), Agrimonia Pilosa Extract ( agrimonia eupatoria- also known as Agrimony, Church Steeples, Cocklebur, Sticklewort), Male Fern Root Extract (dryopteris filix max - also known as Aspidium, Bear's Paw, Knotty Brake, Marginal fern, Shield Fern, Worm Fern)
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Flushability Steps Passed by Uranus Wiper

Our wipes are tested and certified to be in accordance with the specifications listed in the INDA/EDANA Guidelines for Assessing the Flushability of Disposable Non-Woven Products, Fourth Edition, May 2018.

The tests carried conducted at Centre Technique du Papier - The Pulp and Paper Research & Technical Centre I  Grenoble, France consisted of the following tests:

Slosh box disintegration test : To assess the potential for a disposable wipe to disintegrate when subjected to mechanical agitation in water or wastewater. 

Municipal sewage pump test:To assess the compatibility of disposable nonwoven wipes with municipal sewage pumping systems.

Aerobic disintegration test and Anaerobic disintegration test:These methods will determine if a wipe contains materials that do not degrade biologically in the presence of oxygen.

Settling test:To assess the potential of a disposable nonwoven wipe to settle in sumps, septic tanks, on-site aerobic systems and settling chambers that are associated with pump stations and municipal wastewater treatment plants.

Household pump test:To assess the compatibility of a disposable wipe with household sewage ejector pump systems to ensure that the wipe does not clog, accumulate within or otherwise interfere with normal system operation under high usage conditions

Toilet bowl and drain line clearance test: To assess the potential of a disposable wipe to successfully clear a toilet and building drainage lines.

Even with our flushability credentials,  we encourage you not to flush more than one wipe at a time.

Dent the Stigma

We know hemorrhoids or piles are sometimes the butt of people’s jokes (or joke of people’s butt).

Trust us, we've heard a stockpile of them.

It is however not a laughing matter for individuals that have to deal with it.

Piles are almost as uncomfortable to talk about as they are to sit on and this stigma prevents people from seeking help.

Uranus Wiper aims to be a conversation starter and help put a big dent in the stigma around these bowel related conditions by supporting the Anal Cancer Foundation.

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