The planet's happiest and most carbon-happy* loo roll!

Disappointed man sitting on toilet

déjà pöö !! We've all been here before haven’t we ?

Those cheeks-clenching moments when you run out of toilet roll. Now thanks to Uranus Wiper Subscribe and Save, you can always stay stocked up. No more filling up trolleys or car boots with bulk toilet roll from Lidl, Tesco, Aldi, Sainsbury's, Asda, Co-op, Waitrose, Morrisons or your corner shop. Besides Sir Attenborough or Mr Money Saver may not approve of most supermarket toilet rolls.

At £0.19 per hundred sheets we're actually cheaper than leading brands so save your bottom line (financially & literally) with Uranus Wiper sustainable toilet roll subscribe and save option.


Soft, strong and oh-so-absorbent loo rolls

Uranus Wiper bamboo toilet paper is as soft as a bushbaby's sigh and impressively absorbent, allowing you to use less with each wipe.

Nevertheless, it has tackled tougher vintage stools than the Antiques Roadshow. Yes, Uranus Wiper bog rolls are that strong too!

To top it off, we're actually cheaper than most supermarket loo roll sheet for sheet. So no need to break the bank for you to break your toilet.


Helping keep Earth and Uranus squeaky clean

  • Miniature vacuum cleaner wiping earth

    How we help keep Earth clean🌎

    Uranus Wiper's Europe based carbon-neutral toilet paper factory uses renewable energy from the sun, converts forest waste to steam via biomass, uses, purifies and then returns clean water to nature. Waste from purifying the water is then used to generate extra energy to make more sustainable toilet rolls.

    Plus, our deliveries are carbon-neutral. Thanks to projects we support that remove carbon from Earth’s atmosphere for up to 1,000 years.

    Hello cleaner Earth!

  • Hands wiping peaches with Uranus Wiper

    How we help keep Uranus clean🍑

    We keep Uranus squeaky clean with help from Uranus Wiper loo roll, of course! Softer than a unicorn's snuggle session, Uranus Wiper is blessed with these ethereal attributes.

    100% guilt-free, 100% plastic-free, 100% finger-poke-through-free, 360 tree-free sheets per roll, no inks, dyes, bleach or scents, septic safe, biodegradable, cushiony embossed texture, BPA-free, hypoallergenic and dust-free bamboo fibres.

    Enough now! I'm convinced. Where can I get some?

  • Supporting The Anal Cancer Foundation

    Uranus Wiper supports The Anal Cancer Foundation to help reduce the stigma associated with this illness. We give one percent of our profits to the cause, making a positive impact on patients and raising awareness.

    The Anal Cancer Foundation, a UK charity, educates the public about anal cancer, the associated stigma, advocates for prevention, early screening, and provides resources for patients and caregivers.

    Your purchase helps support their worthy efforts.

Miniature Beach with single use plastic pollution

Why plastic-free packaging?

Yearly, toilet rolls used by 27.5m UK homes is wrapped in over 3 billion sq metres of single use plastic. Enough to envelop Brighton's pebbly sea shores around 6,897 times over, creating a plastic promenade from end to end. Not good.

Now, we earthlings cooked up admirable and lofty ideas like the Wheel, the Internet, and the errrrmm 💬...Selfie Stick*

So, when it comes to plastic pollution, we can surely do better by reducing single-use plastics in our bog rolls.

Doing better is exactly what Uranus Wiper is doing by offering you toilet paper without plastic packaging.

*(source = the Internet 🙈 ) 

Uranus Wiper haemorrhoids Wipes with water_droplets

You may also need our cooling & soothing haemorrhoid wipes

Drawing divine inspiration from St. Fiacre, the Patron Saint of Haemorrhoid Sufferers, Gardeners, and Taxi Drivers, Uranus Wiper also produces soothing, biodegradable flushable wipes specially formulated for haemorrhoids. Each wipe contains natural botanical ingredients like witch hazel, reducing itchiness and irritation from haemorrhoids.

Get them below👇🏼 (the wipes, not the haemorrhoids).