How does being an Ambassador of Uranus Wiper sound? 

Roll up, roll up! Join the ranks of Uranus Wiper Ambassadors and champion not just the planet's happiest toilet paper, but also its most carbon-happy. Crafted in Europe from bamboo, Uranus Wiper loo rolls are the product of a carbon-neutral manufacturing process, powered entirely by 100% renewable energy. As an ambassador, you'll have the chance to earn 15% commission. Yep, earn whilst you help keep the nation's behinds spick and span. A win-win, truly. Quite splendid! And there's more. With every purchase, you're aiding us in supporting The Anal Cancer Foundation. Yes, you've heard correctly – we proudly donate 1% of our profits to assist in their crucial work. Join now, and let's start this journey to make both Earth and Uranus places we can all take pride in. After all, it's not every day you get to make such a 'clean' impact.

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Partnership opportunities

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Discount codes
  • Campaigns
  • Content creation
  • Usage rights
  • Additional opportunities
  • Gifting

Perks of being an Ambassador of Uranus Wiper

In addition to being an advocate for a toilet paper brand that helps with reducing your audience's carbon footprints. You also:

  • Earn a generous commission: Receive a 15% commission for every sale via your referral link.
  • Get discounts for your followers and audience: Share more incentive with your audience on your socials or blog and get personalized codes and links.

If these perks don't cut it for you, then we can also offer you the following experiences:

  1. Doctor Who’s TARDIS toilet cubicle for time-travelling bathroom breaks or;
  2. The Uranus Wiper theme song "We love clean bums" 🎵 sung by a choir of koalas. Because why not?

Questions you may have about Collab and Earn

Find the most frequently asked questions below.

Yep, it's completely free. Just sign up, share your link, and start earning. No catch.

Not at all. You don't need your own store. This is all about earing by telling people about Uranus Wiper products, not selling them yourself.

We send your commission straight to your PayPal account. Simple and straightforward.

No limits here. The more you share, the more potential for you to earn. The sky....Uranus is the limit.

Sure, you can. Make it your own to help your audience remember it easily.

No, you don't need to be a Uranus Wiper customer. But hey, we think you should totally try out our eco-friendly toilet paper – you'll love it!

Anywhere you engage with your audience. Social media, blogs, emails, even at live events. Wherever you have a voice.

Just hop onto your ambassador dashboard. It's got all the analytics – clicks, sales, commissions. Everything to keep you in the know.