Blog on the bog

Whether you're perched on a toilet in Kilmarnock, a lavatory in Benghazi, a bog in Caerphilly, or a loo in Darwin, the smallest room is often a sanctuary for ponderous thought.

Uranus Wiper champions this reflective ritual with premium bamboo toilet rolls that transform even the most mundane moments into an act of eco-consciousness. Twice monthly, our restroom raconteur, Whoopsie Gruntfuttock, delivers thought-provoking musings from her commode, equipped with nothing but our eco-friendly, soft, and strong toilet tissue, an iPad, and a smattering of today's top stories.

Get ready for blog posts that cut through the crap with the same ease as our quilted toilet roll. Tune in for a flush of insights that’ll leave your mind as refreshed as your bottom. Enjoy the read with Uranus Wiper – the ultimate bamboo toilet paper for discerning bottoms of our United Kingdom.

  • Toilet paper wedding dress

    Can toilet paper make you laugh?

    Unlock the unexpected joys of toilet paper beyond the loo with Uranus Wiper! From fashioning toilet paper bridal gowns to crafting intergalactic masterpieces, who knew loo rolls could be such a hoot? Perfect for sprucing up a drizzly afternoon or adding a bit of pizzazz to your next do.
  • Airplane toilet

    The Perils of High Altitude Pooping

    Ever wondered about the fate of your flush at 30,000 feet? Dive into the comical evolution of airplane toilets, from the perilous past of 'blue ice' incidents to today's loo-tech solutions.
  • Toilet paper in refrigerator

    Toilet Paper in the Fridge? 👀👀👀

    The Internet abounds with the sort of oddballs waiting for the mothership to arrive and take them back to their home planet. Out of boredom, I suppose, a subset of this group has recently urged the populace to put a toilet roll in their fridge to combat noxious odours lurking therein. Is there method in their madness? Or are they just plain nuts? asks Uranus Wiper
  • Essential oil toilet paper

    Scent-sational Loos: Turning Toilet Trips into Aromatherapy Adventures

    There's no doubting the chemical industry's commitment to helping the consumer eliminate undesirable odours in the home — especially in the smallest room. Weapons from potpourri to automatic disinfectant sprays litter the battleground in the long fight against guff-inducing bacteria. But, what’s the most cost-effective solution? Uranus Wiper investigates.  
  • Six Mile Bottom road sign

    Cheeky Town Names: A Hilarious Journey Through England's Most Unusual Place Names

    Join Uranus Wiper on a whimsical tour of England's most bizarrely named places. From Shitterton to Scratch Arse Ware, discover the curious and often hilarious history behind these unique destinations.
  • Toilet for ancient Romans

    Loo-dicrous Romans: A Tale of Ancient Toilets

    Step back in time with Uranus Wiper as we explore the hilariously quirky world of Roman toilets. Discover their unique solutions to hygiene, from urine-laundered tunics to communal sponges, and see how far we've come in toilet technology or LooTech.

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