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Premium Bamboo Toilet Roll | 48 Rolls | Extra Long 360 Sheets | Carbon-Neutral, Made with 100% Renewable Energy

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At £0.19 per 100 sheets, we're cheaper than leading brands!

🧻360 soft and strong sheets: That's right. When you open our toilet roll cartons, you'll find 48 toilet rolls which each contain 360 sheets of...

🧻360 soft and strong sheets: That's right. When you open our toilet roll cartons, you'll find 48 toilet rolls which each contain 360 sheets of plush, eco-cuddly toilet tissue. Each sheet is also strong enough so no more annoying poke throughs, and rusty surprises under your fingernails.

🧻Super absorbent rolls: Ants, show-offs of the insect world, can lift objects twenty times their weight. We can't beat that, but our super absorbent bamboo toilet roll does hold up a good amount of its weight in water. Take that, ant world.

🧻Eco-Efficient 2-Ply Design: Uranus Wiper 2-ply toilet roll offers the same luxurious feel as 3-ply toilet paper with a clever design which uses multi 21 gsm layers to match the thickness of traditional 3-ply. This approach reduces energy usage by 33% during production, aligning with our commitment to sustainability and renewable energy sourcing.

🧻Hypoallergenic and kind to sensitive skin: When you open a box of our eco-friendly, tree-free toilet paper, you'll find absolutely no fragrance, lint, dyes or bleach. We also harness the natural hypoallergenic properties of bamboo so our loo rolls remain gentle on sensitive skin.

🧻Plastic-free packaging: Each Uranus Wiper toilet roll is individually wrapped to ensure hygiene, and our packaging is both compostable and free from plastic. Also, get crafty with our wrappers - they're perfect for fun paper projects like origami. And, just so you know, no plastic tape on our cartons too.

🧻We use zero-waste plant-based glue: The glue used in the loo roll inner tubes and toilet roll delivery carton is made from pine wood resins, cleverly extracted from the unwanted waste from paper factories. That's sustainable and firmly sticking it to the old ways of making glue. Bye fossil fuel glues, hello plant-based glue!

🧻TP Size 77%
110mmx100mm 23%
  • Uranus Wiper facts Each roll
  • Forever chemicals (PFAs) or toxins or endocrine disruptors 0%
  • Fossil fuel energy used to manufacture 0%
  • Renewable energy used to manufacture 100%
  • Trees chopped down 0%
  • FSC certified bamboo fibres 100%
  • Plastic free 100%
  • Anti finger poking through 1000%
  • Angry stained fingers after use 0%

Zero-Carbon, Zero-Waste Made

Manufactured in Europe based factory powered by solar and biomass energy, complemented by a water treatment system that ensures a 100% renewable energy, fossil fuel-free, zero-waste and zero-carbon production cycle. Our deliveries to you are also free and carbon-neutral.

PFAS-free, BPA-free, chlorine-free and free of nasty chemicals

So free of nasties, our toilet rolls are certified safe around food - but please don't chew them (opt for a BLT and fruit pot meal deal rather than snack on our rolls).

Assuming you are audacious enough to chew our bog rolls, bear in mind that paper is 70% cellulose, which only a horse can digest. However, if you insist on chewing it, we can rent you a retired milk horse from Devon - the horsiest county in Great Britain - to digest it for you. Though we fail to see the benefit for you or Galloping Giggles (the horse).

  • Extra looooong sheeeets

    In each Uranus Wiper box, you'll get 48 extra long toilet rolls. Each roll boasts a bountiful 360 sheets. Our sheet-boffins crunched the numbers, and it's a staggering 17,280 sheets per box. That's a lot of sheets for gliding downhill to the bottom!

A 4-person household typically uses 48 Uranus Wiper rolls over 88 days.

[ Days will be less if one indulges in a daily Trinidad Scorpion Moruga hot chilli sauce feast that leads to unusual toilet visitations]

Flushing forests is out, bamboo toilet rolls are in. Here's why you'll love bamboo.

  • Flushing_down_trees_miniature_scene

    🌳Daily, more than a million trees are given the snip by traditional toilet paper makers. The notion of flushing down trees for our derrières simply does not feature in our happiness playbook. Bamboo is a giant grass, not a tree. This is why we make our toilet rolls entirely from bamboo fibres. Now, isn't that a flush of genius?

    🌳Bamboo rules, okay! Impetuous bamboo cannot wait to grow. Hoovering up mind-boggling amounts of carbon, it grows about 90cm in a day. That's much faster than the hair on Tarzan's chest (that follicular jungle gym). It produces 35% more oxygen than an equivalent area of trees and rarely needs replanting after harvesting.

  • Flushing_trees_down_toilet_wood_background___

    🌳Bamboo grows by itself without the help of water gobbling irrigation or nasty fertilizers and pesticides while nurturing the planet and protecting against soil erosion. But that's not all! Bamboo's natural hypoallergenic, anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties make it a gentle and soothing choice for loo rolls suitable for sensitive skin.

    🌳Giant, established loo roll brands still cut wood from ancient forests to make toilet roll. By using bamboo instead, we preserve the integrity of these invaluable carbon-capturing ecosystems. Besides do we really want to chop down Groot’s cousins to wipe our buns?

Bamboo frequently asked questions

Inquiring minds, meet our answers

Uranus Wiper bamboo toilet paper is made from bamboo fibres that are not easily torn and indeed tougher than a queue-jumper facing the wrath of polite British tutting, yet as gentle on the skin as soapy bubbles.

In 1948, boffins took bamboo's strength-to-weight ratio, multiplied it by Pi and divided it by the small change in their trouser pockets. The egg heads proved that bamboo is one of the most durable eco-lovely materials.

Certainly. Especially if you are considering a lower carbon, more eco-friendly or zero waste lifestyle. Bamboo is the perfect candidate for high-volume essential home products such as toilet paper because of its versatility, resilience and environmental friendliness. Bamboo is basically the plant equivalent of Bilbo Baggins - great adaptability & resourcefulness.

Absolutely not. Uranus Wiper bamboo toilet paper is incredibly soft and gentle on your skin. In fact, our bamboo toilet paper is softer than conventional toilet paper with a bum-friendliness quotient*of 98.4%.

*Yes we made that up.

The magic of bamboo toilet paper: It's as strong as Hercules and remains robustly tear-resistant when used to wipe. And yet, after flushing, it completely dissolves. Bamboo fibres biodegrade and eventually disintegrate entirely. They leave pipes unclogged and septic tanks blockage free.

Our bamboo toilet paper fibres peacefully co-exist with the lovely microbes in your septic tank, whose job is to help break down waste products. Harsh chemicals lurking in traditional supermarket toilet paper usually destroy the microbes, impeding the breakdown process.

Our FSC certified bamboo comes from farms, and not forests where pandas call home. Small rural farmers* breed our bamboo in bamboo farms free from deforestation and pandas. Besides, there are more than one species of bamboo — the type used for making our rolls isn't on your average panda's menu. Even the cheeky pandas.

*NB: It's the rural areas that are small, not the lovely farmers, all of whom are certified over five foot two inches by The Vertically Endorsed Farmers Accreditation Board (VEFAB) and The Elevated Growers Guild (EGG).

Tired of us spitting out the unvarnished eco-truth about our excellent loo rolls, here's a flat lie.

Uranus Wiper has an eco-friendly disciplinary procedure to enforce our quality standards. For instance, any employee caught smoking within a seven-mile radius of our factory has the soles of their feet tickled with feather dusters containing only the plumage of free-range love birds until offenders give up the habit. A sure sign that we mean business.

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