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100% Plastic Free Toilet Paper. 4 Ply, BPA Free, Hypoallergenic and Septic Safe - 45 Recycled Toilet Rolls

The abominable snowman nicked all our inventory while our night-shift snoozed (inquest pending). Please enter your email to be notified when we get our inventory back.

  • • Do you deliberately intend to clog your toilet? Then this septic safe toilet paper is not the right bog roll for you. We just might be the best toilet roll for septic tanks in the UK.
    • Eco toilet paper that is made in the EU = lower carbon footprints.
    • Oxygen rather than chlorine is used to whiten Uranus Wiper loo rolls. This makes it less white than other toilet roll brands but hey, no unsafe chemicals in your toilet roll sounds better doesn't it?
    • Lint-free, antifungal, and hypoallergenic toilet paper so fewer worries about itching, soreness, and irritation.
    • Yes, Uranus Wiper BPA free toilet rolls are hygienically made from pre consumer, ink free recycled paper that would have ended up in landfills. So no tree has been cut down to make Uranus Wiper loo rolls.
    • Errrm no, recycled toilet paper does not mean that it's made from used or recycled toilet paper.
    • 4 ply toilet paper, quilted, cushiony. Now wave goodbye to recycled toilet paper that feels like Izal medicated strong toilet tissue paper.

Free Delivery?

We would really love to but we've done the math and it doesn't quite add up mainly, because our delivery partners Royal Mail and DPD charge us an arm and a leg to deliver a box of Uranus Wiper to your door.

So to keep things fair, we gave them an arm (not the one we wipe with) and charge you £3.50 to cover the balance to them.

We will like to do better so please send us an email at rollwithus@uranuswiper.co.uk if you dream up any schemes that will allow us deliver to you for free ( we've often wondered how other small businesses do it 🤔 ).

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