Mum sitting on toilet with kids,  without privacyMum sitting on toilet with kids  without privacy

Moms Toilet Privacy Policy

Ok GDPR is a blunt tool when it comes to parenting and alone time in the porcelain throne room. You think the kids are cute little privacy invaders when they're little, but as soon as they grow up, they morph into not so cute, big privacy invaders.
We threw our hats in the loo room privacy battle when we got the lovely review from Rox below which had a thinly veiled message about alone time in the loo.
Uranus Wiper real customer reviews
Why do kids do this? Our working theory is that the sound of the toilet seat lifting sounds like family time to them.
Parents, specifically moms could do with some legal protections in the toilet. Some sort of a loo privacy invasion protocol that hopefully keeps the cute invaders at bay.
We wanted to help so we did what we do best. We searched the internet!
The search led us down a rabbit hole which saw us unearthing the privacy rules below for your use at your home (the rules also work for busy body, puking cats).
Moms toilet Privacy rules