Toilet paper original patent over or under

The over/under monsters

I see it and I can’t look away. So many questions run through my mind, “Who does this?” “Why do they do it?” “Who raised this monster?”

What could cause me to wonder such things about another member of the human race? Well, frankly, there are a lot things that make me wonder that but at lot of the other reasons are either political or about social media usage, but what I’m talking about here is people that put the toilet paper on the wrong way.

Some might think that this is a trivial problem to have, and they would be wrong and possibly the types of monsters that do such a thing.

I don’t mean to alienate some of the audience of these blogs, but let’s face facts the correct way to place your toilet paper is with the paper over the top and hanging down the front. Now, the people that put it on the wrong way will argue that their way is better. They will argue that their way stops children or pets from unravelling the roll. They are also the type of people that will argue that they didn’t eat the last slice of chocolate cake while they have chocolate frosting caked to the side of their mouth.

They are wrong and I can prove it. As I said, we are facing facts here people. In 1891, inventor Seth Wheeler patented the toilet roll with tear easy sheets. This man is a hero of mine, and let’s face it, even if you didn’t know his name, he’s your, and your bum’s, bloody hero as well. Do you know how Mr Wheeler drew how the toilet paper hung in his patent drawings? Over!

You don’t argue sliced bread with Otto Rohwedder (the inventor of sliced bread not that strange friend of your Dads), and you don’t argue hanging your TP under with the world of Seth Wheeler. 

It’s over, so get OVER it.