Premium soft Toilet roll with smiley faces

When the ply isn’t applying itself

Don’t judge me but I’m writing this blog simply because I wanted to make the pun in the title. It’s been a rough year, give me this.

Still, there is a topic to go with it that was inspired by a friend of mine’s kid. Stay with me here. I was over their house and they are one of those families that only use single ply paper. Now, I know that some people have budgetary issues and maybe a single ply roll is all they could afford, or maybe they are the type of people that steal it from work and work only stocks single ply because people steal the toilet paper. There’s a lot to unpack there, I know.

My friend is neither of those, they are just a family that prefers single ply toilet paper. While I might secretly judge them, I don’t do it to their faces. That is until they read this.

Still, I was house sitting for them once and bought some three ply and left it in their bathroom. When I was over there next, their young child asked me if I left the toilet paper. I said that I had, and the kid thanked me because it was like, and I quote, “wiping my bum with a cloud”. 

The imagery not withstanding I explained that it was just Uranus Wiper four-ply paper and the child asked me if there was five ply paper. To be honest, I didn’t know. After some internet sleuthing, I found that not only is there five ply paper, but there are even some people that have gone up to 10 ply paper.

Let it sink in, 10 ply paper. I don’t think that toilet paper needs to be like good bed sheets and have a higher count for better quality. I can only assume that using 10 ply paper is like using a sock.

However, I learned something that day, and now you have as well. Don’t you feel better for it?