Blog on the bog

Whether you're perched on a toilet in Kilmarnock, a lavatory in Benghazi, a bog in Caerphilly, or a loo in Darwin, the smallest room is often a sanctuary for ponderous thought.

Uranus Wiper champions this reflective ritual with premium bamboo toilet rolls that transform even the most mundane moments into an act of eco-consciousness. Twice monthly, our restroom raconteur, Whoopsie Gruntfuttock, delivers thought-provoking musings from her commode, equipped with nothing but our eco-friendly, soft, and strong toilet tissue, an iPad, and a smattering of today's top stories.

Get ready for blog posts that cut through the crap with the same ease as our quilted toilet roll. Tune in for a flush of insights that’ll leave your mind as refreshed as your bottom. Enjoy the read with Uranus Wiper – the ultimate bamboo toilet paper for discerning bottoms of our United Kingdom.

  • Bamboo plant

    Quirky bamboo plant facts: includes why snakes don't fancy them

    Dive into the fascinating world of bamboo with Uranus Wiper! Discover its quirky uses, cooling effects, and why it's the eco-friendly hero of our sustainable toilet rolls. Join us for a fun exploration of bamboo's versatility and its role in our mission to revolutionize your loo experience.
  • Mum sitting on toilet with kids,  without privacyMum sitting on toilet with kids  without privacy

    Moms Toilet Privacy Policy

    Ok GDPR is a blunt tool when it comes to parenting and alone time in the porcelain throne room. You think the kids are cute little privacy invaders when they're little, but as soon as they grow up, they morph into not so cute, big privacy invaders.
  • It’s an ill wind

    It’s an ill wind

    I've decided to pull on my controversial pants this month. So please fasten your seat belts, and let's get to it. I am talking here of the common or garden fart. It may be acceptable for squaddies to snigger about farting in a military barracks after lights out, but almost everywhere else, farting as a subject of conversation remains strictly taboo.
  • Six feet under — your bum!

    Six feet under — your bum!

    There’s something down there! What? More than you bargained for, that’s what. This week we drop down into the sewers to see what we can find. Quite a lot, as it turns out.
  • Clock in infinite loop gif

    Ten minutes to mope around

    I was sitting in the throne room this morning meditating over what else busy people like you and me could do with ten minutes if we didn’t have to go to the toilet, and I came up with three suggestions that I really must share with you today!
  • Uranus Wiper prove Infinite Monkey Theory False!

    Uranus Wiper prove Infinite Monkey Theory False!

    As of today, a central pillar of statistics lies in ruins. The headline in the Chipping Sudbury Bugle said it all: ‘Law of Nature overturned as Uranus Wiper prove Infinite Monkey Theory False!’

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